Overnight spa package

To make things easy for you, we have put together a few different spa packages to suit any occasion you might imagine, be it everyday luxury, a party, a cosy Friday night treat, a long weekend or a luxurious spa weekend.

Art Garden Spa – 1 night

Price from 1,390 SEK/adult
Our most popular spa package for relaxing days! Enjoy a good night's sleep, a three-course meal and full access to Art Garden Spa during your entire visit.


From 890 SEK/adult (ord. 1090:-)
An offer for those who have the opportunity to come to us in the middle of the week - a nice break in everyday life. An overnight stay with spa, dinner and breakfast.

Late night spa

Price from 1,390 SEK/adult
Experience Art Garden Spa during an evening. Check in, enjoy a lovely dinner and then continue into the spa, where tapas and sparkling wine will be served under the moon.

Art Garden Spa – 2 nights

Price from 2,590 SEK/adult
A favorite among our spa packages! Staying over for two nights, enjoy sumptuous dinners and lovely, lazy days at the Art Garden Spa.