Overnight spa package

To make things easy for you, we have put together a few different spa packages to suit any occasion you might imagine, be it everyday luxury, a party, a cosy Friday night treat, a long weekend or a luxurious spa weekend.

22 Jun–13 Aug

Art Garden Spa Summer

Price from 1,190 SEK/adult
A spa package for lovely summer days! One night, summer barbecue buffet and Art Garden Spa.
20 Jun–12 Aug

Art Garden Spa Summer – 2 nights

Price from 2,390 SEK/adult
Spend a couple of days at spa this summer. Enjoy hot baths, sun on the rocks and the evening´s main course from the grill.

Late night spa

Price from 1,490 SEK/adult
Experience Art Garden Spa during an evening. Check in, enjoy a lovely dinner and then continue into the spa, where tapas and sparkling wine will be served under the moon.
21 Jun–13 Aug
AGSFE summer kids spa

Summer Family Stay

Price from 1,290 SEK/adult & 625 SEK/child
Bring your kids to spa this summer! Relaxation for young and old, good food and lots of fun.
21 Jun–12 Aug

Summer Family Stay – 2 nights

Price from 2,190 SEK/adult & 1,090 SEK/child
Bring your kids to spa this summer! Two nights stay, relaxation for young and old, good food and lots of fun.

Packages from 14 August

Art Garden Spa – 1 night

Price from 1,390 SEK/adult
Our most popular spa package for relaxing days! Enjoy a good night's sleep, a three-course meal and full access to Art Garden Spa during your entire visit.

Art Garden Spa – 2 nights

Price from 2,590 SEK/adult
A favorite among our spa packages! Staying over for two nights, enjoy sumptuous dinners and lovely, lazy days at the Art Garden Spa.