Rest & relaxation

At Art Garden Spa, you will find several wonderfully calming oases specifically designed for rest and recuperation. Every room has been named after a season and the idea is for you to listen to your inner rhythm and choose the room that is most in tune with you at that precise moment. Follow the seasons and let the peaceful setting perform miracles for you both inside and out. It is totally allowed, and even encouraged, to just pause for a while and breathe.

Light therapy

Art Garden Summer
The lack of daylight during the autumn and winter can cause tiredness, exhaustion and sadness. Take a moment to relax in our light therapy room and sense how your vitality is given a boost. The recommended time period to achieve optimal results is between 10 minutes and an hour. This can also be split into several short intervals of rest. Why not read a book while lying here or just lie back and enjoy the life-giving light.

Dark therapy

Art Garden Winter
In contrast to our light therapy room, we hope the dimly-lit, calming dark therapy room will help you recalibrate yourself and that you find new energy. We have arranged eight water beds that measure 33 degrees C, so choose a vacant bed and let your body relax for a while. The ceiling is adorned with four light spots in red, green, blue and yellow. These colours will help your mind to find a better balance in life. Allow yourself to rest in this room for approx 20 minutes and that will give your body sufficient recuperation.

Upper lounge

Art Garden Spring
In the upper lounge, you will find a pleasantly spacious spot with lots of light and you can relax with a piece of fruit or a cup of tea, while you gaze out across the sea. The daylight floods in through the large windows and gives your body and soul a boost of the wholesome energy of the spring. The upper lounge is a natural place to gather and relax close to our hot springs, orangery and sauna oasis.

Lower lounge

Art Garden Autumn
Through the large, sliding doors facing our wooden decking and the water lily pond, the lower lounge area is directly connected to the great outdoors. The sky room, where super-comfortable four-poster beds beckon you to lie down, is the perfect place to take a moment to reflect upon life in general. The copper tubs represent the element of metal and you can step into them and let the stones soften your body and calm your mind.


In our orangery you will be inspired by scents and visual delights of our flora of garden plants and herbs. Why not take a seat and browse through a gardening book and let your thoughts float on by.

Sun terrace

During the warmer seasons, our sun terrace is open for you to enjoy. Take a seat in one of our comfy sunloungers and feel the wind rolling in from the vast North Sea. The water runs from the rocks and down into the nature pond beneath.