Bathing & sauna

At Art Garden Spa, you start your visit in a traditional, Japanese way in one of our beautiful ablutions rooms, where you scrub yourself clean during a few minutes of meditative tranquillity. After this, you can choose between several different experiences such as hot springs, a chilly plunge pool, jacuzzi and experience shower. Coupled with our extensive sauna oasis and hot outdoor pool, you will have a whole world of restorative water and warm, pleasant steam.



Start your visit with a few minutes of meditative cleansing in our beautiful ablution room. While you scrub away in silence and clean your body with our gorgeous spa products, you will find that they rinse away both stress and draining thoughts.

Hot & cold springs

Right at the top of our spa, with a stunning panoramic view across the archipelago and Vinga light house, you'll find our hot springs. Sink down into the water, all the way up to your chin and let the water, measuring close to 40 degrees C, embrace you as you gaze out at the horizon. The open glass sections will allow the sea breeze to waft through the room and visualise the life-giving steam.

Outdoor pool

The warm outdoor pool is very popular with our guest and they make sure to enjoy the stunning views, fresh air, as well as peace and quiet all year round. Birds chirping away, the breath of the wind and a few salty specks from the sea nearby ensure that you don't forget the beautiful nature all around you. Like a theatre play or a show, but this time it's for real.

Sauna oasis

In our sauna oasis, we have given our senses free reins. Icy cold mixed with hot steam, the heat is permeated by restorative, essential scents. Let the heat do wonders for your body in the natural stone sauna or treat yourself to a few moments in the salt and steam room, where natural salt will strengthen your windpipe.


We also have a jacuzzi, where you can enjoy a restorative, revitalising water massage. Sink down into the water and let the soft water jets work on your stiff muscles and create pleasant vibrations all the way in to your inner core. Feel how your body calms down and relaxes, while your mind grows sharper and more focused.