Our work for a sustainable future

We are committed to contributing to a better world, and that commitment has been strong for a long period of time. Everything we carry out and do in our business should promote good health and contribute to sustainable development. These are watchwords both in our daily activities and long-term.


  • By using modern technology at all our premises, we can effectively manage energy consumption in an optimal, resource-efficient way. Any new installations we do should be energy-efficient, and any construction work should be carried out with utmost consideration for the environment. Energy recovery from refrigerators, freezers and swimming pools is just one of the areas we focus on.
  • In our kitchen, we cook with seasonal ingredients and, as much as possible, food that is Swedish and locally produced. We also use KRAV-labeled and organic products to a large extent. Our breakfast buffet serves, among other things, only KRAV-labeled eggs, organic juice, tea and coffee, etc.
  • All our coffee is KRAV and Fairtrade certified.
  • We are steadily increasing our share in purchases of organic, KRAV and Fairtrade labeled goods. Buying eco-labelled is a simple way to make an impact.
  • We work to reduce our electricity consumption and amount of waste, and we constantly see the Nordic Swan's demands on us as a benchmark towards which we must strive.
  • Another choice we make every day is that we only work with eco-labelled alternatives when it comes to cleaning, washing and dishwashing.