Spa with children

It is both fun and exciting to invite children into a spa and let them explore this world with you. Take the chance during the school holidays, because during those periods of the year, we open Art Garden Spa - Family Edition.

Art Garden Spa – Family edition

During the summer and on selected days during the school holidays, Art Garden Spa is open for the whole family. This is between 9am-2pm and the rest of the time, we stick to our normal over 15s only policy.

A lovely relaxing time for the whole family, cosy dinners, lavish breakfast buffet with extra tasty nibbles for kids. We also have plenty of fun children's activities, such as yoga classes, quiz walk, film screening, playroom with table-tennis table and lots more.

The following applies through the Family Edition weeks:

  • The child should be free from diapers and be able to swim in normal swimwear, i.e. not swim diaper.
  • All children visit the spa accompanied by an adult
  • Gym - over 15s only

Please bring slippers and bathrobe for the little ones. The smallest size we have at the spa is sz35 for slippers and bathrobes to suit a seven- to eight-year-old.

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Spa treatments for children

Children usually feel spa treatments are both nice for their body and something exciting to be part of. We have a number of treatments specially developed to suit kids between 5 and 14 years of age. All the other spa treatments are only available to over 15s. Remember to book your spa treatment well in advance of your planned visit.

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