Visit Art Garden Spa & Gothenburg this summer

Enjoy a holiday just outside Gothenburg city centre this summer and combine spa with a few dips in the salty sea in the archipelago. Perhaps you have dreamt of a romantic weekend on the west coast for you and your loved one, or maybe you want to enjoy the school holidays with your kids and extended family!

Packages that can be booked during the summer

Here you will find our wonderful summer packages in spring 2020. Until then you will see some of our other popular offers below.


Art Garden Spa – 1 night

Price from 1,390 SEK/adult
Our most popular spa package for relaxing days! Enjoy a good night's sleep, a three-course meal and full access to Art Garden Spa during your entire visit.

Art Garden Spa – 2 nights

Price from 2,590 SEK/adult
A favorite among our spa packages! Staying over for two nights, enjoy sumptuous dinners and lovely, lazy days at the Art Garden Spa.

"Njuta" – half day spa

Price from 395 SEK
Free access to Art Garden Spa for half a day with all that's on offer in terms of bathing, saunas, relaxing and activities. Available Monday-Friday as well as Sunday evening. (Except during the summer).